So happy you’re here!

Perhaps we could say, “Saturn in Aquarius made us do it,” but in reality, we are seven colleagues from around the world who were drawn to deepen our astrological studies in community.

We’ve been meeting twice weekly for over two years, growing our skills and knowledge, vibing in our love for astrology, delineating charts, and even providing “group” readings.

With so much to share, we are overjoyed to offer this Substack site to a broader community of astrology lovers, from beginners to sage professionals. We see it as an “astrology zine” with many areas of focus, delivered in a creative way.

We are psyched to engage with others who share our passion. Please comment, like, and share our site. And we hope you enjoy the original artwork that appears with our Forecast Bite posts. Stay tuned. We hope to offer them for sale.

Our foundation is traditional astrology with modern overtones as taught to us by a variety of teachers. We offer special thanks to Adam Elenbaas, Kelly Surtees, Demetra George, Chris Brennan, John Frawley, Ben Dykes, SJ Anderson, and many more.


We began Astrum Opus in May 2022. Since then, we have written over 185 articles! With so much to share, we decided to change the way do things. Starting at the end of February (just in time for Saturn’s ingress into Pisces!), we are streamlining our paid vs. free offerings.

All of our written content is now free. Some posts are sent to your inbox, and some are published directly to the website. So, please stop by the site often to see what’s new.

If you want to support our work, and we hope you do, we gladly accept monthly or yearly donations. Those who donate will have access to our upcoming Astro Chats. Stay tuned!

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Michelle Corbesier

Traditional natal and horary astrologer at Michelle's Midheaven / Writer at Astrum Opus on Substack / Artist / Lives in Belgium

Liz Wickhart

EMBody, Mind, Stars; writer, artist, embodied star gazer, somatic educator. Writing at Astrum Opus Collective on Substack

Bettina Fernandez Sleeman

French-Uruguayan Astrologer living in London

Jennifer Dougherty

Let nothing dim the light that shines from within. #astrology

Neva Welton, MA

Astrologer / Counselor / Writer / Artist. Writing at Astrum Opus Collective on Substack. Bio at

Aly Booth

Classical Astrologer, specialising in Hellenistic Astrology. Life-long learner and contributor to Astrum Opus.