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Astrum Opus Substack sprung from a small study group of devoted astrology devotees worldwide. After several years of learning and discovering together, we were moved to share our passion with a broader community of astrology lovers.

We think of Astrum Opus as a zine that approaches astrology creatively, including original art. Written for beginners and sage professionals (by real humans), we post new and full moon forecasts, including ritual suggestions, potent transits, the Sun’s ingress, and more. Our desire is for our readers to feel the planets through rich imagery and incorporate the wisdom of the cosmos directly into their lives.   

We chose Substack because of its focus on building community. We love it when our readers comment, like, and share. We answer all comments and envision an active Substack community. To that end, we also offer Astro Salons, where we gather on Zoom to discuss specific astrological topics. And… it’s free to all subscribers.

Like most avid astrology lovers, we are eternal students. We are continually informed by our weekly study sessions with our “sistars” Aly Booth, Bettina Fernandez Sleeman, Jacquelyn Fox, and Jennifer Dougherty.

Our foundation is traditional astrology with modern overtones, as taught to us by many teachers. We offer special thanks to Adam Elenbaas, Kelly Surtees, Demetra George, Chris Brennan, Austin Coppock, John Frawley, Ben Dykes, SJ Anderson, Dan Waites, and many more.


Free Subscribers - We are committed to providing all our written content free to all subscribers, delivered to your inbox every Wednesday.

As we approach our third year on Substack, we are expanding our writing team, providing more frequent content, and offering more benefits for paid subscribers. We hope you will consider supporting the substantial effort it takes to produce high-quality content for Astrum Opus.

Monthly Paid Subscribers – For $5 per month, we offer all the free content above plus the following perks:

  • Discounts on readings, classes, or workshops.

  • Astro-tarot spreads crafted to resonate with the themes and astrological nuances at the solstices, equinoxes, and cross-quarter days—a powerful tool in your journey through the cosmic rhythms of the year.

Yearly Paid subscribers – For $55 per year, we offer all free content and paid perks above, plus the following:  

  • Original digital art work by Michelle, Liz, Neva, or Alison based on your natal chart. 300 DPI file for print provided.

  • Astro Explore! - A unique opportunity to learn about your natal chart with two AO staff and a small group of participants. Offered six times per year on Zoom


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An astrozine exploring the work and play of the stars. Unique perspectives and original artwork from creative astro-minds. Join our community!


Consulting astrologer and teacher at Michelle's Midheaven / Writer at Astrum Opus on Substack / Artist / Dreamer
EMBody, Mind, Stars; writer, artist, embodied star gazer, somatic educator. Writing at Astrum Opus on Substack
Astrologer, crystal therapist, horticulturist, and lover of the esoteric.
Heather weaves a tapestry of daily rituals emphasizing the moon's energy. She guides on embodied astrology and lunar frequencies, tarot insights, and numerology, deepening awareness and syncing with the cosmic rhythm.
Astrologer / Counselor / Writer / Artist. Writing at Astrum Opus Collective on Substack. Bio at
An astrozine exploring the work and play of the stars. Unique perspectives and original artwork from creative astro-minds. Join our community!
Musings and guided practices in the realms of Astrology, Breathwork, and Somatics. I currently write every full and new moon and also contribute to the astrology collective Astrum Opus. Follow me on insta @astro.somatics <3
Consulting astrologer and eternal student of the stars, symbols & spirit. Forever musing on the heavens, blending astrology and tarot with the sole purpose of reconnecting to soul.